CACI Hotline Program

As set forth in CACI's Standards of Ethics and Business Conduct each employee must

  •  Promptly report in confidence any activity that is or may be a violation of the Code of Ethics or of law, and
  •  Cooperate in any investigation that follows

Employees and others may report the following violations by calling 800-928-3505 or by going to, a website managed by Convercent.

  •  Laws or regulations
  •  CACI Standards of Ethics and Business Conduct
  •  Corporate policy
  •  Conflict of interest avoidance requirements
  •  Security requirements
  •  Accounting policies and practices
  •  Internal accounting controls
  •  Audit policies and practices

Each caller is encouraged to assist CACI by providing information on how he or she can be contacted for additional information. All information will be held in confidence to the extent possible consistent with the obligation to investigate and remediate problems.

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